Parent Info

Bilingual Classes in SmyrnaThe curriculum is designed to ensure that our students learn all the things they will need to progress to the next level of learning, all the way to the start of kindergarten.

Please take some time to look around your child’s classroom and at the work your child brings home. The curriculum was deigned to allow the children to learn in a systematic, focused and fun way all of the things they will need to enable them to excel once they begin elementary school.


New concepts are introduced and re-enforced throughout the week and month. Review of new concepts are completed at the end of the week and month to ensure that concepts have been captured before moving on to the new months’ concept. Each month a new theme will be introduced including the summer months.

During the fall and winter months, we’ve included many fun activities to compliment the learning process and our new curriculum. We have many activities planned to ensure that while the children are learning they are also having fun this summer.

We are excited about our new curriculum and our summer plans, we hope that you will find them as exciting as we have.


Please be mindful of other parents when dropping off and picking up your child/children. Please use designated parking spaces and don’t block the entrance to the lot or other cars.

Change of Clothing

Please bring a change of clothing for each of your children. Children have accidents and might need to change their clothing. Leave the change of clothing with your child’s teacher for use when needed. Parents please label all clothing, jackets, hats, bookbags, etc. so if an item is misplaced we can locate it easier.

Contact Information

It is important that you keep us advised of any change to your contact information. It is important and necessary that we be able to contact you in case of an emergency regarding your child or the center.